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Note to Self...

A little something to end your day... You are enough... Yes you sitting right there reading this blog. You my beautiful, kind, loving warrior who faces everyday with courage and bravery, you who juggles a million balls at once and some days does it seamlessly and on others fails and fumbles. Yup, no matter what kind of day you are having you are always exactly 100% enough. Isn't that so nice to hear? Even better than that… it is 100% true. Why is it that we live so much of our lives feeling like we aren't enough? We should be a little more of this or a little more of that. You know what I am talking about… “I should be a little more in shape” “I should be a little more organized” “I should be a little more relaxed” "I should be a little more energetic" “I should be a little better parent” “I should be a little better friend” “I should make a little more money” “I should be a little more (you fill in the blank)” I believe that our flaws are our best assets. There is dog hair and dust bunnies in every corner of my house at the moment. I just ate a huge handful of chocolate covered pretzels. Earlier, I was yelling at my boys like a lunatic drill sergeant to get their dirty bodies in the shower while I stood in my laundry room that looks like the dryer threw up in there. I am three days late on returning PTO emails and I missed my dentist appointment the other day because... here is the thing. I am human. I am flawed and I have learned to own that and wear it with pride. You see, all I can do everyday is to get up and try to do my best. And that is what I do. I try my best and some days I "bomb" and other days I "rock-it". I am learning right along with you. But everyday I am enough and so are you! And that my brave peeps is called REAL. When we are always looking for what we “should be” we never really appreciate all that we already are and from where I stand you are A LOT. Many of you are my family, friends, clients or acquaintances. I see the small and big things you do and it is just about as Rockstar as it gets. Some of you juggle 40+ hr. work weeks, some of you are CEO’s of your household, some of you make huge contributions to your community, some of you own a business, some of you have weathered family illnesses, some of you are the voice for your child when they are struggling, some of you are just becoming mothers, some of you lead people to believe in themselves again, some of you battle deadly diseases, some of you bravely make things happen without anyone looking. You do this because you are strong and courageous and amazing. You deserve to be whatever you are in this world dust bunnies and all and when you lay your head on the pillow at night you deserve to say to yourself I am enough. Seeing that, knowing that and saying that to yourself is SO abundantly important. We live in a world that needs people to see how much they already are and believe in it. Our flaws are what make us human. When we embrace our flaws and learn to bounce back from our "bomb" days with an appreciation for who we are we build our resilience. We offer ourselves the opportunity to always come at life with a new perspective. That is what propels you forward. AND more importantly in doing this we teach our children that they can do the same thing. You see peeps, we are role models for all of those generations sprouting up and those yet to come. If we don’t see ourselves as enough how will we ever expect them to see it for themselves? Recognizing your flaws and owning them is one of the bravest things you can do. I want my boys to realize that every imperfect part of them is an amazing teacher. They may fall down sometimes but they will learn so much as they are trying to stand back up. AND through all of it they are ENOUGH. So when you lose site of this here is what I am offering you… A Hall Pass -good anytime- and it simply says YOU ARE ENOUGH There is only one of you and this world needs whatever it is that you have to offer- beautiful flaws included! We are all just trying to navigate the best we can and some days we “rock it” and other days we might “bomb”. So tonight for me and mostly for you, when your lay your head on your pillow just bravely say to yourself, “I am enough.” XO ~Kelley

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