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What the heck is a Nugget List?
It is kind of something I made up.  Well, the name anyway:)  However, I have been noticing lots of 
"Nugget Lists" 
circling around the internet.  
You know what I am talking about those really cool lists with people's nuggets of wisdom.  That's what I am calling a "Nugget List".

For a long time I have kept a journal and when something really hits me I write it down so I can remember it.  It might happen in a conversation or after reading something new.  It might come to me after I have made a huge mistake or witnessed something unforgettable.  It might be from a moment with my boys or when something breaks my heart.  
It is the little lessons in life that I don't want to forget.  The ones that keep me on track.
So I have come up with a list to share with all of you.  
I am now coining the phrase 

I call it my... 
Nugget List 
Here are 25 of my favorite nuggets of wisdom   

Read them any of them really SPEAK to you?  

1.     Be kind…especially to yourself, you have a lot to navigate on this journey be good to yourself along the way 

2.     Do good...even when no one is looking...this world needs more big hearts practicing covert bravery
3.     Be clear about who supports you.  If you get out of this life with one or two people to stand by your side it is a blessing.

4.     Listen…sometimes we are so busy talking or trying to make our point we miss the amazing wisdom someone can hold…listen carefully

5.     Slow down…the days already go by fast enough there is no need to make them go at warp speed.

6.     Get Lost…and by that I mean lose yourself because when you take the time to find yourself you may just realize how amazing you are.

7.     People should earn the right to sit at your table.  The people you tell your deepest darkest secrets and fears to need to have earned the coveted spot in your life.

8.     Remember to have fun…serious does not look great when worn too often

9.     Write…when you put something on paper it takes a thought and turns it into a reality

10.  You can’t fix anyone…you can hold their hand, wade into the dark places with them but how they get out is up to them.  It is not about fixing or being fixed it is simply knowing you aren’t alone in the dark

11.  Life is not always black and white and there are way more than 50 Shades of Gray

12.  Notice…take the time to notice the small details and moments.  
They will probably be the ones that count the most.

13.  Hug…do this a lot.  
A hug can literally change someone’s day and in some cases their life.

14.  Say your truth…even when you are scared to do it.  
It is a measure of your bravery

15.  Dare yourself to do something you have never done.  
It’s a confidence builder and a game changer

16.  Want…want something more for yourself...always...wanting is not selfish

17.  Take a chance…you get one life why not leap and see what happens

18.  Things usually get messy right before you really grow in life.  Know big things are on the other side of a mess

19.  You can choose to do things from a place of fear or from a place of love…it is up to you.  Life flows easier from love

20.  You always have the power to change the way you look at something in your life…choose wisely.  

21.  Laughing is food for your soul…laugh often

22.  Sometimes you have to ask for help even if you don't want to...
be BRAVE ask

23.  Breath…a deep breath can shift your world

24.  Grow yourself…and be willing to do the work to make it happen, it is worth it and so are you

25.   Love as much as you can…it is one thing this world can never have enough of

So here's the question today...
What's on your Nugget List?  
Don't have one?  
Now is your chance to start!

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