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Are you serious about committing to do the work it takes to live your best life?  We love new clients!  

Could one of them be you?  


What's Next?~Career and Family Balance


Have you been out of the workforce for some time now?  Are you ready to start the transition back to work? Do you need clarity and confidence building before you take the next step?  These sessions are designed for you.  We will define where you are going, decide the steps you need to take, and design a roadmap to get you there.  We will also provide contacts for you to network you back into work that fits your life!  This is a six-session package.

6 Sessions

Teen/Tween Coaching

Navigating the teen and tween years can be some of the most difficult phases as a parent.  These coaching sessions are designed to build empowered communication with your teen or tween.  We will cover topics that can be difficult to navigate and design an intentional parenting roadmap that will bring balance and fufillment to your family and most importantly to your relationship with your child.   

6 Sessions

Transitional Coaching

Navigating life transitions can be some of the hardest work that we do.  Going it alone can be even more challenging. However, if done well some of the best learning happens when we are in transition.  These sessions are designed to give you tools and structures to focus on what you value most during this transition and create clarity and intention for where you want your life to go.  Whether you are navigating divorce, loss, or career transition, these sessions will empower and guide you.

6 Sessions

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