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WOMEN light the path to the future...

Speaking Topics

Permission to Use Your Voice

Building Internal Leadership for Grit and Resilience in the Workplace


Taking Care of You

Making Self-care a Priority and Empowering Your Work-life and Beyond


Stepping Fully into my NEW Role

Women getting back into the workforce 


The Work/Life Balance Myth

Doing it All or Doing What Matters Most.  Building a Vision and a Plan that Fits your Worklife and Personal Life


Focus on YOU

Your Story.  Your Voice. 

Your Vision. Your Impact.


Mindset Myths

Calling out the Myths that get you stuck and employing tools that fuel your leadership


Build Your Circle

Designing a team that can support your leadership


The JOY Factor

The importance of rest, play, joy and humor in leadership


I believe strongly that we have reached a point in time when women truly hold what it takes to shift, change and mold our future world.  The voice of women, the intuitive nature of women and the power of women is the driving force of our future.  That being said, cultivating thoughtful leaders who are empowered to use their voice and also care for themselves in the process comes to the forefront.  I applaud and am inspired to work with any corporation or organization that is compelled to take care of and grow their women leaders.  Below are speaking topics I offer.  

Know Who You Are

Cultivating Confidence and Internal Leadership


Leveraging Female Leadership Traits in the Workplace

 A Powerful Tool for Navigating Business Pressures


Who am I as a Parent?

Cultivating values, grit, resilience and confidence at home 


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