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WOMEN light the path to the future...

Workshop Topics

Permission to Use Your Voice

~Building Internal Leadership for Grit and Resilience in the Workplace~


This workshop is focused on cultivating inner leadership voice to build grit and resilience in the workplace for women.  Internal leadership begins with getting very clear about who you are, what you value most, what your strengths/ impact are, and then using effective communication that has influence  There is a focus on values work, saying yes/no, mindset myths women live in that keep them from using their voice and building resilience to shift these myths to empowerment.

Taking Care of You

~Making Self-care a Priority and Empowering Your Work-life and Beyond~


This workshop is focused on creating and understanding the necessity of self-care as a cornerstone for successful work engagement.  The focus is developing an understanding of the components of self-care, designing a plan that is effective and ways to integrate the plan so that it is supportive, empowering and sustainable.



Stepping Fully into my NEW Role

~ For Women getting back into the workforce~ 


This workshop is focused on supporting women who are transitioning back into the workforce after years of stepping away.  The focus is on getting clear about what you value most as your time and life structure shifts, what your priorities are, what goals you have, the actions necessary to support you and your life best and how to put a plan in place that is most effective during this transition.

Work/Life Balance

~Doing it All or Doing What Matters Most.  Building a Vision and a Plan that Fits your Family~


This workshop focuses on creating time for women to reflect on what is happening in their family lives.  Decide what fits their family best and then write and put a plan in place that brings their vision to reality.  Topics covered:  effective family meetings, Communication 101, the art of saying no.

Leadership Series

This 4-part series is designed to grow the “leader within” for increased confidence and impact.

Focus on YOU

Your Story.  Your Voice. 

Your Vision. Your Impact.


Leadership begins with knowing who you are, what you value most, what story you come to the table with, what voice you project, what vision drives you and what impact you strive to attain.  Leadership with impact requires time for deep thinking and connection to self, which does not always make the calendar.  This session is designed to accomplish that.   

Mindset Myths

Calling out the Myths that get you stuck and employing tools that fuel your leadership


This session is designed to take a look at:

·       Self confidence/Emotional Intelligence

·       Perfectionism and Pleasing~letting go of praise

·       Resilience/Emotional Stamina for criticism

·       Daring Greatly~Asking and Questioning

Build Your Circle

Designing a team that can support your leadership


This session focuses on growing a leader’s capacity to connect with others, build trust, share achievement and lessons and design a space for deep thinking.  Leadership that thrives has a tribe.  This is about growing and designing your own tribe.

The JOY Factor

The importance of rest, play, joy and humor in leadership


Cultivating leadership in this new era is also about growing leaders who truly understand the importance of self-care and self-compassion.  This session employs structures, tips and tools for leaders to design rest, play, joy and humor into their work environment.

I believe strongly that we have reached a point in time when women truly hold what it takes to shift, change and mold our future world.  The voice of women, the intuitive nature of women and the power of women is the driving force of our future.  That being said, cultivating thoughtful leaders who are empowered to use their voice and also care for themselves in the process comes to the forefront.  I applaud and am inspired to work with any corporation or organization that is compelled to take care of and grow their women leaders.  Below are workshops I offer.  They can be combined to create a package that best fits your company/organization or set as a stand-alone.  

In- person and webinar options are available.

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