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You can relaunch, reinvent or reimagine your career at any age or stage...

Did you opt-out of your career for a period of time and are looking to relaunch?

OR maybe you opted out and have no idea what career makes sense for your life now?

OR maybe you're exhausted and depleted in your current position and ready for a change?

OR maybe you have been laid-off and are looking to recalibrate the direction of your career?

No matter where you are in your career-path you can always relaunch, reinvent and reimagine!

We have the tools to get you living and loving work that fulfills you!   




Define who you are now and what work will fit your life.  This session focuses on defining your values, illuminating your strengths and passions, taps into your aptitudes and uncovers the power of your personality.  All of this is used to leverage and design a roadmap to work that feels fulfilling!


Where is she?  Let's go find her!




This session is focused on creating and understanding the necessity of self-care as a cornerstone for success with this shift and life transition.  This includes getting clear about what stays on your "to-do" list and what goes. The focus is developing an understanding of the components of self-care and support then designing a plan that is effective and ways to integrate the plan so that it is empowering and sustainable.





This session is done one-on-one and is designed to build a vision, priorities, goals and do-able actions that make navigating this transition smooth and empowered.  Each session is tailored to exactly the needs of of the client and packed with tips and tools to support you every step of the way.



This session is done one-on-one and is designed to practice and prepare you for executing the final steps during this transition.  Our expert coach will provide resume support, interview skill work and knowldege and expertise from years of experience launching careers or landing that next big career move.

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