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Ladies Night Out!

What happens when you give a woman 2 hours a month to focus on herself?  This unique style workshop is a great way to take some time out for yourself to learn, reflect, and grow right along side a group of like-minded women.  Life is full and has us in constant motion, "Ladies Night Out" is designed to give women the opportunity to slow it all down,  focus on topics that can be a challenge and then determine how they want to bring changes into their lives.  Each workshop is facilitated by Certified Personal and Professional Life Coach Kelley Biskupiak.  Some workshops feature guest experts. 


Location & Time

TIME: 7:30pm to 9:30pm at

LOCATION:  Barre 44 

51 East Main Street Avon, CT

COST: $40


Thursday, February 23rd
Be Your Own Valentine!
Tips and Tools to Find Calm in the Chaos, Slow-down and Reboot

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Give a women a minute to


and watch what happens!  

Give her 2 hours and mountains might just move.

If you are feeling out of balance, exhausted and in need of some renewal?  Then, this LNO is calling your name.  


Be You Bravely's

Personal and Professional Life Coach

Kelley Biskupiak along with Guest Expert Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Kathy Campbell will work with attendees to:

  • Learn tools to help minimize chaos and gain clarity

  • Build strategies to refuel yourself, get rid of overwhelm and get more BALANCE

  • Leave with a plan to clear the unwanted chaos from your life

  • Recharge and learn tools and techniques that you can use everyday to reboot



Come in comfortable clothes.  

Very light movement will be part of the evening.















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Meet our Guest Expert

Kathy Campbell

Kathy J. Campbell, 200 hr RYT


A Connecticut native, Kathy spent time exploring different styles of yoga in her early-late twenties before finding a practice that spoke to her. In 2009, Kathy stepped inside a Bikram Yoga studio and instantly became a dedicated Bikram yogi. Kathy discovered the benefits of connection to mind, body and breath through the practice and mindfully began to feel her body, embrace the silence of the room, and immerse herself into the power of ujjayi breath and drishti. After years of a dedicated Bikram practice, she began to venture out into the yoga world, exploring different styles and practices of yoga & the traditions of a yogic lifestyle. Herein, she found Power Yoga. Kathy completed her 200 hour Teacher Training at Sanctuary Power Yoga with teacher and mentor Heather Rems Korwin, in 2014.  


Kathy's teaching style focuses on alignment, strength, linking breath and movement, making space in the body and allowing the body to process information. By immersing oneself in both drishti and breath, it opens the self to invite the aspects of vulnerability, surrender, and trust to the present moment.


Yoga changed everything  for Kathy, and continues to evolve both on and off the mat. 



Kathy is inspired by the teachings and yogic lives of Rachel Brathen, Meghan Currie, Kino MacGregor, Kathryn Budig, Philip Urso, Stacy Dockins and so many more.


You can follow Kathy Instagram at kjc_yoga 

Upcoming Topics

Fierce, Confident and Balanced

in Work and Life!

Know who you are.


What fuels you?

What drains you?

What you want to let go of?

What do you want to reclaim?

What effective communication looks like, feels like

and the power it offers.


PAUSE and Bring on the HAPPY

Pause, Breathe and Smile


What does PAUSING Reall look like?

What's your JOY factor?

What brings you to HAPPY?

What do you no longer have room for?

*Guest Experts on Mindfulness, Meditation, and Calm


Everything Relationships

Friends. Family. Partners

​Who is on your team?


Designing a support sytem that fuels you rather than drains you.  Learn how to empower the communication in the landscape of the relationships in your life.   

Guest Relationship Experts





Career and Money Oh My!

My talents, my skills, my impact, my legacy.


What now?

What next?

Resume?  Linkedin?  Interviews Saving plans, Life Insurance?

Where do I start and more importantly...WHAT do I want?

*Guest expert panel on career and finances




Health, Fitness and Well-being

Mind.  Body.  Spirit.


What do I say to myself about my body?

What's the impact of that?

What tips and tools will set me on the right path?

*Guest expert panel on fitness training, cancer prevention, heart health, holistic healing and women's health issues




My Soft Place to Land

Simplify.  Declutter.  Exhale.


Where do I start?

What needs to go in?

What needs to stay?

Who takes care of me?

*Home Organization Guest Expert










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