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Oh ladies are you in for a treat!  

Every so often a brave woman comes along and is willing to share the highs and lows of her journey. In doing this we all can learn and grow and most importantly know that we are not alone.  Catherine Stephenson, full-time working, wife and mother of three is nothing short of bad-ass although lately she doesn't feel so bad-ass.  She has hit a crossroad, a fork in the road or maybe just the entrance ramp to a whole new way of living.  What ever and where ever her journey takes us you can expect Cat to be real and honest, kind and tough, simple and complex but most of all big-hearted and passionate about giving women an example and a voice to what happens when you are rebuilding your life from the bottom up.  Her blog "Bottoms Up" will be featured on Be You Bravely and we are SO excited to see where her journey takes us!   

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