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Breathe, Learn, Grow and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  Subscribe to this virtual classroom NOW!


What is ME-Time School?  


It is an online virtual workshop that will provide you with the opportunity to design a CLARITY road map and an INTENTIONAL game plan for a life lived with more BALANCE and FULFILLMENT.  


Webinars will include guest experts with tips and tools to get you living your BEST life. This subscription allows access to 7 webinars that will support and grow a life you will love to live each and everyday.  You can attend these sessions live or listen to them at your leisure.  Workbooks are included in each session and will be sent to you prior to each session. See below for topics covered.

Discounted COACHING rates apply to those who attend these sessions








Subscribe Here for Seven Sessions:

$280~$40 per session





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Me-Time School

Class Starts
January of 2016
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Everything Relationships

Friends. Family. Partners


What fuels you?

What drains you?

What you do you want to let go of?

What do you want to reclaim?

What effective communication looks like, feels like

and the power it offers.

*Guest Relationship Experts



Fierce, Confident and Balanced

Letting go of what you SHOULD be and reclaiming who you REALLY are.


Who are you, what's your impact and who do you want on your team?

What's your personal style and how to edit and revise your closet.

*Personal Stylist and Makeup Artist Guest Experts





PAUSE and Bring on the HAPPY

Pause, Breathe and Smile


What does PAUSING really look like?

What's your JOY factor?

What brings you to HAPPY?

What do you no longer have room for?

*Guest Experts on Mindfulness, Meditation, and Calm





Career and Money Oh My!

My talents, my skills, my impact, my legacy.


What now?

What next?

Resume?  Linkedin?  Interviews, Saving plans, Life Insurance?

Where do I start and more importantly...WHAT do I want?

*Guest expert panel on career and finances




Health, Fitness and Well-being

Mind.  Body.  Spirit.


What do I say to myself about my body?

What's the impact of that?

What tips and tools will set me on the right path?

*Guest expert panel on fitness training, 

cancer prevention,

heart health,

holistic healing and women's health issues




My Soft Place to Land

Simplify.  Declutter.  Exhale.


Where do I start?

What needs to go?

What needs to stay?

Who takes care of me?

*Home Organization Guest Expert











Set 2016 on FIRE!! 


Come design an INTENTIONAL game plan and road map that will set you up for making 2016 a NEW YEAR fueled by balance and fulfillment.  


Attendees will:

  • Hit the Pause Button to SLOW DOWN and gain focus

  • Assess the areas of life that matter most and determine what to go after in 2016

  • Program in a MOTIVATED mindset turning Can't to Can!

  • Brainstorm possible steps to take inspired ideas and make them a reality 

  • Design a vision and goals to launch 2016 and get living YOUR best life!   

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