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Be You Bravely!

Oh ladies, have I missed you! You beautiful, ass-kicking, courageous, power-houses that create the vision for everyone in your orbit. I know you have been busy. Life sweeping you in various directions I am sure. Life has done the same for me. Isn’t it funny how life does that? But I’m back and I have lots of juicy questions for you. So let’s get busy shall we?

I am starting with a disclaimer: Permission to hit the pause button on your day, really slow down and take a minute to focus on you. I promise you the world will be waiting when you hit play again but let’s make the next few minutes about you…Deal? Who are you? Yes, I am starting with that BIG of a question after all this time. I’ll ask it again… Who are you, girl? What matters most to you? What drives you? Is it family? Is it loyalty? Is it independence or freedom? Is it connection or communication? Is it success or achievement? Are you someone who cares about what people think or do you accept yourself for who and what you are and I mean all of you the dark and not so public parts of you? Do you make brave choices that might not be so popular but they are real and in alignment with the life you really want to live? Do you compare yourself to others and perpetually feel like you are falling short or do you celebrate the unique life that is you-the gifts the talents that only you can bring to the world? Is the lead tagline of many of your conversations, "I am SO busy!" Do you wear "busy" as a lifestyle and exhaustion a badge of honor or is calm and stillness something you bust your butt to incorporate in your life? Do you give yourself permission to hit the pause button invite calm into your world and restore…really restore that strong and brave woman you are? Do you cling to certainty like a life raft, never daring to make a move without complete assurance all will go smoothly or do you tap into that super-power we women possess (intuition) and go with what life throws at you? Do you beat yourself up for not having everything perfectly perfect like Sally from high school on Facebook or do you compassionately dust yourself off after each day of doing battle in this crazy world and say thank you for being you? Are you cool and always-in control or can you laugh at yourself and let loose to celebrate the life you have been given? Do you make gratitude a way of life and JOY your sole purpose for being or do you live a life in fear that you will never have or be enough? I’ll ask you again. Who are you, girl? Now I’ll ask you this… Who do you want to be? It is a choice. YES. 100% a choice. Your choice. And here is a little secret… If the choice you made today or yesterday or last week or this past year is not the one you REALLY want to be making well then guess what? YOU CAN CHOOSE AGAIN. ALWAYS. You see it is that simple. You can choose YOU. You can choose to create and make your life whatever you want it to be. It may take a lot of courage. It may make you less popular with some people in your life. It may include a total revamp on the way you currently view things. The changes may feel scary,uncomfortable and unfamiliar but knowing who you are and living a life built around that is the backbone of why you are here. It is what makes you uniquely you and like no one else. AND The world needs more of us living lives driven by who we really are and not by who we think we are supposed to be. I am going to say one more thing ladies. And I want you to listen very closely. This is a BIG one so get ready... This is OUR time and by that I mean the time of the WOMAN. The world is craving us. The heartbreak, the devastation, the war, the failing and faltering education system, the hunger, the disparity, the emotionless corporations and the downfalls in government. All of this needs the compassion, the intuition, the guidance and the backbone of the women in the world. We need to be taking care of ourselves like it is a full-time job. We need to be kind to ourselves like our lives depend on it and we need to have each other's back like we are proud to be a part of this sisterhood. It is no longer an option it is a necessity. We have a world to change ladies and that world begins right inside of you. SO, BE YOU BRAVELY XO- K 21 Day Challenge Today and for the next 21 days each morning get up and ask yourself, "Who am I?" and then "Who am I becoming?" Grab a journal and write down what comes up. I would love for you to share in the comments or on the Be You Bravely Facebook page. Let's build a community of bravely lived lives!

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