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Forgot your awesome?

A little reminder today about something you might have forgotten. But no need to worry we will clear that ALL up!

So the story goes a little something like this... Last year around this time I kept hearing about this Women’s Convention in Boston. Has this ever happened to you? This quiet little whisper of something keeps popping up everywhere you turn. It catches your attention but you lightly brush it off and go about your business. Then it pops up again a little louder this time. You ignore it but it starts to swim around your brain like, “Hmm that really does seem cool..or interesting.” However, your day picks up and it falls off your radar screen. Then it shows up much louder, way past a whisper and this time when it shows up it merges into a possibility. "Yea I want to try this, or do this, or go to this." Then that possibility turns into, "Oh, screw it…I am in!" That is exactly what happened to me when that Women’s Convention kept crossing my path. I have now come to learn that that little whisper is pretty damn smart. It is actually freaking brilliant and always leads me in the right direction. Do you have a whisper? What is it saying to you right now? Anyhoo, I ended up signing up to attend this convention and went to it solo…and I mean solo…I did not know a soul. If I am being 100% honest. It was a little scary, a smidge intimidating and mildly terrifying. I did try to recruit a friend or two but I really now believe I had to step onto this path solo. Truth be told this was a “page turning” kind of day. This is when the NEXT CHAPTER started. I am so clear about that now. This is the most exciting part of that day… 8,000 women Let me say that again... 8,000 women UNDER ONE ROOF That my brave peeps is nothing but POWERFUL. You could feel it. Taste it. It was like we were swimming around in true feminine ROCKSTAR power and it totally rocked. And talk about bringing it! You could not help but be inspired everywhere you turned. As the day rolled on I swear I started to walk taller and I may have even gotten a little swagger (I love that word swagger. Don't you?). The keynote speakers were truly amazing. Strong feminine role models who had not turned themselves into men working in the corporate environment, research leaders inspiring us with their data and the truth it uncovered, writers who crafted their life lessons into stories that were so real and relatable and even actresses reminding us that our creativity plays a huge role in what keeps us whole as people. It was a life changer, game-changer kind of day. I left the building that day with three messages. Go get very clear about who you are. Getting clear about who you are makes you authentic and memorable and when you have that you can inspire. Vulnerability is not about weakness. It is about being seen for who you truly are and once you commit to that you no longer have to hustle to fit in you can just show-up and belong. And last… YOU ARE AWESOME The last one is my favorite part of this story…OK I have lots of favorite parts. This is just another:) I hop in the car as pumped as I could possibly get. I have often asked myself if Boston felt the vibration that day. Regardless, I pulled away from the convention center and just needed to let it all sink in. For like about 30 minutes I just drove. No phone, no radio just my thoughts and me. The power of the day now swimming around in my Chevy Tahoe. When it began to settle into my skin. That whisper started again…you have to share this Kel. This feeling, this knowledge, this BIG HUGE reminder of how FREAKING AWESOME WOMEN ARE! In that moment my cell phone rang. It was one of my sisters. Tangent for a second here…now I don’t have any “real” sisters but I do have these certain friends in my life that have long passed over the line of being friends and have settled into my life much more like sisters to me. I am blessed by them, they have carried me, they have laughed with me, the are fiercely loyal and they know exactly who they are. Love you peeps! OK, mini shout-out. Now let’s return to our story. So the phone rings and it is Cat. As soon as I saw her name pop up on the glowing iPhone screen I knew exactly what would come out of my mouth. I slid the unlock button and pressed the phone to my ear. “When did we forget how FREAKING AWESOME we are?” Her response… ”I have been thinking that same thing too.” Don’t you love a good friend and it is even better when they on right on your same page. How many of you are on this page. I’ll say it again… When did we forget how FREAKING AWESOME we are? I mean look around at the women in your world. Aren’t they amazing. Look what they have endured. Look what they have overcome. Look what they have figured out. Look at how they care deeply. Look at how kind they are. Look at how brave they have been. Look at how supportive they can be. Look at their awesomeness and then look right at yourself because you qualify too. Here is the thing, something woke up in me that day. I wiped the sleepers from my eyes and decided changes needed to happen. Big things were ahead and I was not going to be asleep when they arrived. I believe with my whole heart that BIG things are just waiting to happen for you. VERY big things and you don’t want to chance being asleep when they show-up either. So I challenge you. Here today. You forgot you’re awesome? Well what are you going to do to get it back? The world needs all that you have to offer and it is time to make that happen isn’t it? It takes a whole-lot of bravery to meet that challenge but I am telling you it is SO worth it. I am also telling you that you can trust yourself to make it happen you just have to brave taking the leap. So get your brave-on because the world is waiting. That’s great Kel but how do I get started? First pay attention to that whisper. What is it saying? What direction is it pointing you in? Try something new. Something a little scary…test your bravery and see if it is the entrance ramp to something bigger. Volunteer for something that excites you. What does excite you? What was something that you did in your past that made you feel SO great! Who was around you? What were you doing? Can you link that to something you could do from where you stand today? Join me at the Women’s Convention this year. It is pricey but worth every-single-penny! Here is the info.

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