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New Year New You...I say, "NO WAY!"

Does that New Year’s mantra bother anyone else?

In all honesty I think it annoys me because…Can you keep a secret?

I used to buy into it a little.

Yes…I kind of did.

You see there was a time and a place when I believed transformation had to be BIG and radical. Let’s change everything! New Year New You! It sounds so compelling.

So get- off- your-ass and ignite BIG change in your life.

However, I have come to learn that transformation

-for the most part-

is much more subtle than that.

It is small changes, tweaks; adjustments strung together that fuel lasting sustainable transformation.


Deeper than that~

"New Year New You" projects the idea that the last 365 days were possibly a hot mess and you better change everything about yourself~transform yourself~ into something MORE something BETTER. Perpetuating the idea that in some way, shape or form the current YOU is not enough.

And that my sweet lady is not even close to the truth.


of the matter is that these last 365 days have brought you to this very moment this current place…and you survived!

You have walked a year-long journey that has grown you and enhanced you. There were days that challenged you. There were days that delighted you and there were probably many days when you just kept your fine-oiled machine in motion.

Maybe this past three hundred and sixty five were the hardest of your life. Maybe you had to overcome obstacles that you never could have imagined would ever land in your path. BUT you braved it. You walked it. AND you made it to the New Year.

Thank yourself…you deserve it.

Or maybe this past year you ROCKED IT. This year was an all-time-high. You attained a goal or a vision you had for yourself that just feels so good.

Celebrate it. Savor it.

AND thank yourself too.

Let’s step into the New Year with some gratitude for all that we already are and then maybe decide on a few tweaks that feel important. Ask yourself these questions to get you started:

What are you proud of in 2015?

What surprised you and what did you learn?

What is important to you now?

What might be the best use of your time and energy for the next three month?

What is one small tweak you can make this week to get things flowing?

I love to use January to spend a little time creating a roadmap for those tweaks and sprinkles of change I want in the upcoming year.


I also know to leave room for the fact that life might throw something at me in the next 365 days that might toss my GPS into a tailspin. Having that roadmap reminds me of what is important to me and I can refer to it when things have gone off the rails.

But most importantly know this…

Whatever happens in the next year of your life will only make you a bit wiser and a bit braver.

So when the tagline “New Year New You” rolls around next January you can give it a wink and say~ NO WAY!


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