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Who have you taken care of today?

Let’s have a little convo shall we?

How are you feeling these days? Energized? Full of life? Ready to hit one out of the park? OR Maybe you are feeling just the opposite…Like you are on a treadmill that just won’t stop.

How about we slow it all down for a second.


I have a question for you.

Who have you taken care of today?

Think about it. I know the list is a long one.

Your children, the neighbor’s child, the dog, a friend, your co-worker, your co-worker’s younger sister, the fundraiser happening in your community, your boss, the random women struggling to get her groceries in her car.

Who is on your list?

Stop and just write out who you have

helped, cared for, looked after, supported today.

Now take that all in.


are those some very lucky people, pets and communities or what?

Women are experts- no masters- at care-taking.

It is a gift-- a true gift.

We also get such a sense of pride and purpose when we use this gift

well and in a balanced way.


I often tell the women I work with that when you possess this gift--

-and I am fairly certain you reading this right now do.-

You have to protect that gift—fiercely


by protect I mean-

be conscience and intentional about where, when and how often you offer that gift to the world and those around.

It is so easy to tip the scales with far too many “yeses” and before you know it you have become exhausted, depleted and wrapped in the heavy coat of resentment.

I always tell women a little way to assess if you are wearing that coat is to check in with how many times you use the word,


-the real ‘F” word as far as I am concerned-

over the course of a day.

If that word is a


in your vocabulary you might just be wearing that heavy coat.


the good news is you can take it off at anytime!

AND it begins with taking a look at where taking care of yourself has fallen on that list you pumped out above.

Are you on it?

If not,

let’s get you on there ASAP.

You see self-care is not a luxury, it is not-not an option, self-care is like oxygen.

You NEED it without negotiation.

When you stop caring for yourself as a priority the world loses.

We all lose out on the very best parts of who you are.

AND right now sister

take a good look around

our world can’t afford that loss.

You see, the nurturing, love and genuine support that you provide is at the very core of what the world is craving. So without question your self-care must be on-point.

We need the very best of what you have to offer!

So what if this is not so balanced right now in your life?

Well, I have an idea for you.

How about this…

ALL month you focus on savoring who you are.

Savor what matters to you.

Savor the moments that fill you up and energize your life.

Center you. Balance you.

Focus this month on

Making YOU a priority.

Take a minute or two right now to jot down what those things might be.

Define them


put them in your life


Watch what happens.

Watch the impact of that.

Big XO


Want or NEED more!!

Come to

Ladies Night Out this Month!

We are back at Barre 44 in Avon!!

This month the Focus is on, “Being Your Own Valentine!”

We will reboot, refuel and get your self-care plan in order. We are excited to have guest expert Kathy Campbell with us to ground, center and bring calm to the chaos thru techniques from her training as a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.

Sneak Peek of Exciting News!!!

Be on the look out for more details on an upcoming women’s retreat I am presenting at called, “A Moment for Yourself.”

This retreat will be hosted at the Chi Healing Center in Canton, CT on March 26th 8:30 am-5 pm. More details to come!!

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