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Are you tired of your own BS?

Ok so let’s be really honest shall we?

Is there somewhere in your life you are sick of your own BS?

I am going to raise my hand—I recently had to call BS on myself and make some changes. Not easy but VERY worth it.

You want to know where my BS was living in my life?

Come closer.

I’ll whisper it to you.

Here goes:

I have been kidding myself about the way I have been treating my body.

YES. The reality of the damage and neglect could not longer be denied.

Now I am going to clarify something right off as to what this blog is not going to be about.

Weight. Weight Loss or body composition.

Was I at my favorite weight of all time?…NO. BUT my BS goes far beyond my body composition and lives more in the land of the food I CHOOSE to repeatedly put into my body and perhaps I learned something even deeper than that. Keep reading we will get to it. I promise;)

No, no we will not be discussing weight loss or body image. As a matter of fact I believe that my body is a pretty kickass machine. It does a ton for me. It has carried me 41 years and has done an amazing job. It has carried three blonde little boys for nine months each! It has seen me through some extremely stressful situations. It has survived countless illnesses and physical setbacks. No, my body is something I am extremely grateful to and proud of.

Aren't you?

Take a second and just think about your body. All it has done for you. It is pretty freaking amazing.

Let that sink in.

Now, I realized something a few weeks back—If I have so much gratitude for my body why am I treating it so poorly? Why don’t I listen to my body?—It has been talking to me. Telling me it is tired, stressed and a bit rundown. AND you know what? I really have not been listening at all. As a matter of fact I continued to push it at a pace that is not sustainable and here is one of the core reasons it is not sustainable because of…

The food I choose to fuel it with.

Yup, there we have it people. The cold-hard, skeleton-out-of-the-closet-truth. I have been fueling this body with a lot of in -really technical terms---CRAP. And beyond that I have the expectation that this body will perform and do everything I ask it to without a headache, exhaustion and even a few cranky breakdowns. When I read that Liz Gilbert quote a few weeks back it was exactly the kick in the behind I needed. It was time to CLEAN IT UP!

Can you relate? In talking and working with so many women I know this clean eating playground is one many of us are learning to play on. AND I have had a bit of an Ah-ha moment around it and it goes a little something like this.

I have been fueling my body on autopilot and I have been fueling it was some really poor quality gas. I am a busy lady. We all are right? I know you are as busy as I am, if not more so, and when we get into that pattern of doing for everyone and everything else all over town we slowly, quietly, dangerously stop doing for ourselves. Even very basic needs like choosing healthy foods go out the window and we stop making ourselves a priority.

I have something to say about that...



You see ladies our lives are set up in a way that has us pulled in a million different directions. It has us doing for everyone around us and the first step in changing anything in our busy, jam-packed lives it saying--NO MORE. It is calling out your own BS and giving yourself permission to put yourself on the front burner. You are worth it and I PROMISE you everyone around you will benefit. I know this is a tough one ladies. It is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome.

BUT you always, always have permission to make yourself a priority—ALWAYS.—I am not kidding but it is up to you to write the permission slip no one elses.

Now beyond that, the other powerful A-ha moment I had was you can't fully change your habits, cravings and behaviors with food if you are not fueling yourself with nutritious, well-balanced nutriant dense foods. And let me tell you something I thought I knew what that looked like but I honestly didn't really understand it. I thought calories are what mattered and boy was I wrong. What I know is my body is fueled in such a way that I no longer crave SUGAR!!--at all! I can sit at a dinner table and literally not even notice the bread basket or more importantly care that it is even on the table. My body now craves fruit, vegetable, healthy fats and proteins. AND I don't feel like I am missing out on a thing. If you had told me a month ago that I would not even salivate as a warm bowl of chocolate brownie topped with fresh vanilla ice cream came across the table when I was out to dinner Saturday night I would have told you to get away from me with that crazy talk! You see, I have learned that half the battle is going through the experience yourself. Living it in your own life to see the benefits. To see the results. To see the power and impact of fueling your body with high quality foods. I have gained so much but this is my biggest take away...

The way we view food determines how we feed ourselves. I’ll say that again. The way we view food determines how we feed ourselves.

Let’s slow it all down and play with this for a minute. Let’s check in to see how you view food in your life.

Ask yourself right now.

What is the impact of the food I am putting into my body? Think consciously about it.

Is this a place in my life I have pushed the autopilot button because I am doing for so many others right now?

What is the cost of that?

Or is this a possible BS place I am refusing to look at?

Do I see food as medicine that can heal me? How have I been feeling lately

Do I view food as the fuel that makes my body run? How is my body running?

What happens when you answer those simple questions? Does it shift you? Change you? Make you want to CLEAN IT UP or thank yourself for taking care of the best vehicle you will ever have on this planet—your body.

What I know to be true is this.

You are a STRONG, POWERFUL, AMAZING human being who deserves to get everything out of this life. One of the very basic ways you can empower your life is to see the power of food and the impact it has on your overall well-being. It is a very simple way you can thank your body everyday for being the kickass vehicle you get to ride around this life in and it deserves only the best...because so do you!

Ready to CLEAN IT UP ??

Where can I start? Come join our Ladies Night out this Wednesday Night at 7pm at New England Pasta Company. Health and Wellness guest expert Kathy Beach will help you to design a Roadmap to Nourishing Your Body and Mind Through Clean Food. She has tons of tips, tricks and tools that can help you start to tweak and change how you fuel your body. It is a night not to be missed!

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