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For all my "Gangsta Wrappas" have I got a gift for YOU!

Ok my busy bees I know that you're buzzing from TO-DO list to TO-DO list. Checking all the boxes and making sure they are even checked twice;) Sorry I couldn’t help myself I needed one good Santa pun!

I am fairly certain you are being the holiday-visionary-diva that only you can be but I thought I would send you a little gift this year. Right here and right now. What do you say? Go ahead take a look!

Happy Holidays!

It's a PAUSE button

Yes, you amazing woman out there making it all happen.

It is time to sit for a minute.

Go ahead. Get comfortable.

--Now take a deep breath--


. --Now another one—


--Go for one more--

Doesn’t that just feel SO damn good. You completely deserve a minute.

Soak - it - in.

AND of course

I am here with a little message for you.

So come a little closer.

I am about to put a little holiday PSA in your ear.

YOU my amazing warrior have 100% permission to HIT the pause button at any time during this holiday season.

And I am asking you, when you hit that pause button take a minute to choose how you want to view the holidays and who you want to BE this season.

Now I am not saying you get to control what life has or will throw at you. AND actually I can promise you that curve balls will be fired your way. We all know too well that is not our choice what gets launched in our direction but we ALWAYS have the choice to--

Hit the pause button.

Slow it all down.

Take a few breaths

AND then make the choice on how we want to view the life we are living.

Let’s play with this idea for a mintue shall we?

And just because I like it so much…Let’s view our life through the lens of gratitude, because NO MATTER WHAT there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for--even when it doesn't feel that way sometimes. Dig deep it is there-- I promise.

Gratitude is a life line to refueling yourself.

So let's do that. Let's refuel shall we?

Take the next few minutes and just ASK yourself.

What am I grateful for when it comes to my friends, my family, my significant other and my most important relationships?

What am I grateful for when it comes to my career and my finances?

What am I grateful for when it comes to my home or the place where I live?

What am I grateful for when it comes to my health and wellness?

And last and most importantly! What am I most grateful for when I think of myself…what can I thank myself for?

Now try this--

What am I willing to release and let go of so I can embrace all that goodness that it right in front of me?

Ahhh doesn’t that just feel so good. A little perspective shift can be what fuels you through the chaos.

Because here is the truth ladies--

It will all move at warp speed.

That I promise you and it is your responsibility—NO it your RIGHT to slow it all down and really savor what is happening around you.

I dare you to look for all the joy and toss aside your "to-do" list to really show up and embrace the joyful moments.

I dare you to laugh more and bark less.

I dare you to ask for help even if it makes you feel umcomfortable.

I dare you to be silly and goofy and find the magic like you were 6-years-old again.

I dare you to use this pause button I just handed you many, many times over this holiday season

--Because you see--

You only get the 2015 holiday season once in your life…once. So soak it up. Show up and be a part of it not just the visionary and the director. Embrace the love, the joy and the beautiful amazing life you have created and worked so hard for.

Go ahead it is waiting for you.

Craving your humor, your smile, your laughter and your love.

AND just in case you feel yourself slipping off into that robotic TO-DO land…remember you can always hit pause and begin again.

It is always your choice.

Biggest XO and I can't wait to share with you all the exciting stuff coming in the NEW YEAR! Much more to come!!

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